“To support 1 million girls and young women worldwide as part of a Covid-Recovery Initiative, by creating genuine opportunities to help them thrive and to kick start the global economy. Also, to address racial and gender inequality by redefining current standards of professionalism and beauty so that we can all live in a society that will embrace all tones of women, who can then feel valued, accepted, beautiful, respected, supported and included”

Ms Eryca Freemantle Founder, E.A.T.O.W


Our Corporate Social Responsibility is not an extension of our business. It is embedded into the very essence of our aims, objectives, mission, day-to-day operations, services, activities, team members, strategic relationships, and customer care. 


With an emphasis on black women and girls (although all are welcome), Embracing All Tones of Women Ltd (E.A.T.O.W) provides education, mental wellbeing and health, business start-up and sustainability, research and development, advocacy services, careers and professional development, inspirational events and seminars, nurturing programmes, and guidance through coaching and other expert services. This is delivered within our E.A.T.O.W EMBRACING GIRLS AND WOMEN SUPPORT FRAMEWORK, which outlines the diverse needs of girls and women, and in particular black girls and women, who have faced generational disadvantage and exclusion which has impacted on their mental wellbeing, identity, families, opportunities, and socio-economic development. It is also the case that black women (and black men) represent one of the highest rates of infection and death from Covid-19, which has impacted on their family dynamic, income, and emotional wellbeing.


Educate, Inspire, Empower, Support, Connect and Celebrate Girls and Women Worldwide to:

  • Reduce Poverty and Create Opportunities for Social Mobility Through Careers and Business Start-Up and Development
  • Promote Mental Wellbeing and Health, Through Coaching, Counselling and Support
  • Inspire Girls and Women to See A Better Future By Experiencing a World In Which They Are Valued, Respected and Included
  • Create Genuine Opportunities for Progression Through Our Wealth of Services and Working In Partnership With Providers and Sponsors
  • Create a Covid Recovery Support Package for Women in Business and Careers, Which Will Support Economic Recovery


  • Business and Professional Development Training Programmes (Diverse industries and sectors)
  • Business and Life Coaching
  • SAFE SPACE Online Community for Women (Mental Wellbeing and Health)
  • Trade Missions
  • Inclusion Education and Training Outreach Programmes
  • ICON Awards and High-Profile Events


E.A.T.O.W welcomes long-term partnerships and sponsors who share our values and vision and would like to demonstrate their genuine support for Equality, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusions (EEDI) for women and particularly girls and women of colour. These companies are holding themselves accountable to a higher standard by going beyond empathy and simple gestures to working with us to bring these ideas to life and to make sure that they are sustainable for the long-term future. By making services and opportunities available and accessible to girls and women who would otherwise face exclusion and disadvantage (based on gender, race, skin tone and financial limitations), we are creating a world in which women can thrive.

E.A.T.O.W EMBRACING GIRLS AND WOMEN SUPPORT FRAMEWORK. We welcome support from partners by way of sponsorship and/or contributions towards the activities within our framework. This will enable us to deliver long-term quality services to girls and women to improve their social, psychological, and economic outcomes – and to confidently achieve their goals and aspirations.


E.A.T.O.W Activities Mutual Benefit

We strongly believe in mutual benefit and to show our range of attractive opportunities, which include endorsing your logo on our website, in our marketing literature and providing you with a platform to promote you at our events. These along with other opportunities will raise your profile, demonstrate you support for our Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion projects (EEDI) and will also show your dedication to positively transform the lives of black girls and women worldwide.


“We place emphasis on encouraging black women and girls into business, leadership, professional careers and support their wellbeing. These are viable roots to their psycho-socio-economic development and can increase fulfilment from life’’

Ms Eryca Freemantle Founder, E.A.T.O.W


Inequality and Disadvantage

In 2010, Government introduced the Equality Act, which legally protects BAME people from discrimination in the workplace and in the wider society. More recently, it has been acknowledged by the UK Government that the experiences of black people are uniquely different; they have faced system racism which has created generational inequality and disadvantage that has placed black people at the lower end of the social and economic scale. The solutions needed to redress inequality towards black people, requires specific action, which cannot be served by grouping them with other minority communities. Key catalysts for change include the murder of George Floyd, The Black Lives Matter movement and repatriation of the Windrush generation.

Government Action to Redress Inequality

Global Governments are now calling upon mainstream companies and organisations to demonstrate how they will work with black people (individuals, businesses, organisations, and communities) to create a more inclusive, equal and supportive society. In their efforts to address the racial barriers, legacies, institutional and societal discriminatory practices, which have created social disadvantage for black people, they are encouraging increased support and opportunities for black communities, businesses, professionals, and leaders.

Challenges Faced By Women in Business, Leadership and Careers, with Specific Challenges for Black Women

Women in business and leadership roles are pinnacle to the success and development of the evolving world we live in today. With a shift towards placing women in key roles, society recognises the valuable contribution that women make to society and the importance of having their voices heard. In recognition of the unfair treatment faced by women in general, the Government has made efforts to create more inclusive environments through initiatives to; encourage girls and women into the boardroom, into STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and to receive equal pay and career opportunities. The aim is to remove the glass ceilings which have often held women back.

Whilst all of these issues impact on the lives of women in general, black women have faced additional obstacles such as racial barriers, issues regarding culture and identity, colourism, social and economic barriers. They have also faced discrimination in accessing education, career progression (leadership and management roles), business, and with gaining access to finance and funding. This has had an impact on black women and their families personally, professionally, psychologically and economically. Black women have also been considered as one the highest risk groups for contracting Covid-19 and represent many of the casualties following Brexit (UK departing from Europe) and separation from their support network as a direct result of the repatriation of the Windrush generation.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Black Women and Their Families

The entire world has been impacted by Covid-19. As well as the health implications, the global lockdown and social distancing has affected jobs, created unemployment/redundancies, and created a culture of working from home, with increased use and reliance on technology. Most black women (and black people) work in the service industries and have therefore experienced the most impact. Government agencies are still to discover the true impact of Covid-19 on black women (and men), and their households, who are among the highest category of infection and death, which then increases single parent households and economic disadvantage.

  • Poverty (Not having easy/free access to medical facilities and resources, living in deprived areas, or working through the pandemic to sustain their income and take care of their families)
  • Education (Information not reaching communities or constantly changing on a regular basis)
  • Accommodation and Communities (living with or in close proximity to high risk groups)
  • Non-Engagement (due to historical experience that have created a lack of trust in the system)
  • Employment (Many black women work in ‘blue collar’ service industries rather than ‘white collar’ roles. Their roles are mainly customer facing, which increases their risk of infection/death due to the high level of contact with others).

Summary of Current and Historical Challenges

  • Lack of Diversity in the Boardroom
  • Women are Paid Less than Men
  • Black Women Experience the Glass Ceiling in their Careers
  • Black Women and Their Families Are Among the Highest Levels of Infection/Death from Covid-19

Current Trends

As a direct result of the Murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movements companies are:

  • Increasing the Number of Black People, Black Women and Women in the Boardroom to Visibly Provide More Diversity.
  • Women Are Encouraged to Apply for Roles and Embark on Careers that Have Historically Been Gender Specific and Have Been Predominantly Given to Men
  • There is a Movement for Equal Pay for Women
  • The Discussion Has Opened Up Around the Black Experience, Race Equality, the Impact of Oppression


Founded by Ms Eryca Freemantle, Embracing All Tones of Women (E.A.T.O.W) is organisation dedicated to supporting mainly black women and girls by helping them to excel in life through business, leadership, professional careers, mental wellbeing, and health.

E.A.T.O.W has been set up to educate, inspire, celebrate, empower, connect, and coach black women and girls, to help them to fulfil their purpose and increase their opportunities.
Our activities provide support and value to women and girls in all areas of their lives and challenge the narrative across diverse industries, to remove the glass ceiling placed on black women so they can thrive at every level of their professional and personal life. We ‘redefine standards’ to embrace all tones of women and broaden the narrative about what defines professionalism and beauty. We have also built the trust and have the cultural knowledge and social awareness to engage with women, black women and hard-to- reach communities. This will enable black women to feel valued, accepted, beautiful, respected, supported, included and well-represented across diverse industries and within society.


Our E.A.T.O.W ‘EMBRACING’ GIRLS AND WOMEN SUPPORT FRAMEWORK has been created to address all the factors that limit the potential of girls and women, with emphasis on black girls and women, to help them to thrive.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela



We realise the challenges faced by girls and women worldwide to gain access to education. The factors that can impact on their opportunities can be cultural and traditional beliefs around educating girls and women, gender roles, and women and girls health. E.A.T.O.W offers global training and development and outreach programmes to make sure that girls and women can have access to quality education that will enable them to thrive. These programmes will reduce poverty through creating opportunities both online and in-person.
Our Key Training Programmes (Are General, Topical and/or Industry specific. They Include:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Inspiring Women into Business and Careers
  • Financial Literacy
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Mental Wellbeing and Health
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • (Other topics are available)

Our Inclusion Educational Outreach Programmes for Girls and Young Women:

  • Provide girls in schools, colleges, universities, and community groups, with career options through inspirational talks with professional women and range of development events
  • Our workshops encourage girls to explore opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional subjects such as STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Our Inclusion Educational Outreach Programmes for Women


These programmes are designed to support women who would otherwise face disadvantage or exclusion, due to their socio-economic circumstances or status. Working in partnership with a wealth of sponsors, E.A.T.O.W aims to make training and development opportunities affordable and accessible for:

  • Single Parents
  • Low Income Families
  • Women Facing Redundancy
  • Long-Term Unemployed
  • Women Impacted By Covid-19
  • Women in Hard-to-Reach Communities
  • Older Women Who Face Exclusion Due to Ageism.


E.A.T.O.W offers an online ‘SAFE SPACE’ via our website. This provides a platform for girls and women to discuss issues that affect and impact their lives and wellbeing. As this can often open up dialogue about difficult or sensitive subjects, our ‘SAFE SPACE’ is supported by our trained counsellors. The platform is designed to address loneliness and isolation, gender and race specific issues, careers and mental wellbeing and health, to let women and girls of colour know that they are not alone. (Mental Health is a taboo subject in black communities and the term as negative connotations. Therefore, we use the term ‘mental wellbeing’ and health to encourage engagement).


E.A.T.O.W ‘SAFE SPACE’ Provides:

  • A Positive Outlet for Self-Expression
  • Personal Growth and Encouragement
  • Healing Experiences/Opportunities for Wellbeing
  • Mental Wellbeing Support


E.A.T.O.W Business Development Programmes support both businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them, at all stages of their journey. The aim is to achieve long-term sustainable, profitable, and ethical growth. This is achieved through a full spectrum of training and development classes as well as 1:1 and online coaching to support women through the process of setting up, managing, generating profit and creating sustainable growth – whether their enterprise is for profit or to support a social or environmental cause. We also provide opportunities to help build relationships both domestic and internationally, such as trade missions, exhibitions and online international events. growth

Our Aim is to:

  • Alleviate Poverty
  • Increase Independence
  • Financial Stability
  • Add to the Economy (Covid-Recovery Plan)


These provide genuine opportunities for
E.A.T.O.W aims to be the leading black organisation to champion research and development that will identify and inform governments, businesses and corporations about the holistic needs of black girls and women in the 9 key Research Areas to make sure that Governments and society are well informed about the diverse needs of black women and that provision is made to support these needs and address Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, (EEDI).

The Key Research Areas are Based on Our E.A.T.O.W EMBRACING Girls and Women Support Framework:

  • Education
  • Mental Wellbeing and Health
  • Business Start-Up
    Research and Development (of ongoing needs)
  • Advocacy for Inclusion (gender, race, colourism, opportunities etc.)
  • Careers and Professional Development (removing the glass ceiling)
  • Inspiration that provides positive representation of Black Women
  • Nurturing experiences
  • Guidance (from specialists and experts)

E.A.T.O.W will act as a leading voice for girls and women, who have historically experienced disadvantage and/or exclusion on the grounds of gender, race, and skin colour.

E.A.T.O.W Aims to Transform Lives By:

  • Influencing Policies
  • Addressing Cultural and Systemic Practices that Hold Women Back
  • Increasing Access to Opportunities
  • Challenging Stereotypical Views
  • Redefining Representations of Professionalism and Beauty to Be Inclusive of All Tones of Women


We believe that women should have the opportunity to pursue any career path they choose, without facing imposed limitations and restrictions. E.A.T.O.W aims to encourage and increase the presence of women in influential roles and encourage women to explore and aspire into non-traditional careers that have historically been limited to men. This also means addressing the barriers that prevent women from progressing in their chosen career path.

E.A.T.O.W Supports Women in Their Chosen Careers by:

  • Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling Faced by Women, Particularly Women of Colour
  • Encouraging Women to Explore a variety of ‘Previously Considered’ Gender-Specific Roles
  • Advocating to Remove The Gender Pay Gap
  • Advocating to Remove The Race Pay Gap
    Encouraging More Women into the Boardroom to Increase Compassion and Provide a Broader Perspective to Discussions
  • Encouraging More Girls and Women into STEM Subjects and Careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)



E.A.T.O.W understands the importance of showcasing excellence and providing positive examples for women of colour (and other women) to inspire current and future generations. Our E.A.T.O.W Red Carpet ICON Awards Ceremony provides the perfect platform to recognise, celebrate and reward inspirational women who have excelled. They represent women from around the world, embrace all tones of women and showcase talent. These women can tell their stories of how they overcame personal and professional challenges to succeed. In addition, E.A.T.O.W places women in environments that they would not ordinarily gain easy access to, such as High Commissions, Parliament, Trade Missions, VIP events so that they can experience a wealth of people and possibilities that can inspire them and expand their horizons.

E.A.T.O.W Aims to Remove Self-Limiting Beliefs Held By Girls and Women, Build Their Confidence and Empower Current and Future Generations Through Positive Role Models and Examples

  • Girls and Women Will Know that Anything is Possible
  • They Will Be Encouraged to Aim High and Pursue Their Dreams
  • Through Their Own Achievements They Will Be a Source of Inspiration to other women
  • They Can Share Knowledge and Wisdom to Encourage Others (Each-One Teach-One)


E.A.T.O.W activities provide a continuous system of support for personal, professional, and business development. We realise that black women have specific needs and require support which cannot be fully acknowledged or accessed within the scope of services for BAME communities (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic). Due to the historical and current challenges faced by black women, there is a need to bring black women together as well as provide 1:1 life coaching support. For black women to truly benefit and feel less isolated, they need connection with others with shared experiences, to support them along their journey through life’s joys and challenges, love and careers.
Black Women Require Unique Support and Nurturing to Thrive in All Areas of Their Lives to:


  • Overcome the Trauma and Stigma of Systemic Exclusion that Has Impacted on Their Self-Worth
  • Embark on Self-Awareness, to See Themselves as Successful, Talented and Beautiful Inside & Out.
  • Build Confidence, Resilience to Pursue Their Dreams
  • Be Proud of Their Culture, Identity and Uniqueness
  • Support and Inspire Their Daughters, Families and The Next Generation of Girls and Women


By providing girls and women with life coaches, business coaches, mentors, counsellors, and consultants, (and other experts and specialists), E.A.T.O.W is providing a 360-degree holistic service that gives girls and women the best opportunity to thrive in all areas of their lives.

Guidance and Support from E.A.T.O.W Experts is:

  • Gender Specific
  • Race and Culturally Sensitive


If you would like to become an E.A.T.O.W partner, please contact us via email at: admin@eatow.co.uk