General Information for Trade Mission

E.A.T.O.W Trade Mission Official Dates:  Tuesday 26/10/2021 – Monday 1/11/2021 (7 Days)

Flight Departure from UK


Arrival in Nigeria


Departure from Nigeria


Delegation Ticket Price and Payment

Early Bird Trade Mission Delegate Ticket Price

Price includes:  Flight, Accommodation, Travel, All Scheduled Activities (excluding meals)


Balance ASAP


Closing Date 
16 JULY 2021 



Please note there are additional fees for Visa, vaccinations and other legal/medical requirements that fall outside of the responsibility of E.A.T.OW, for this trade mission (*Cost Circ.)


Visa to Visit Nigeria

  • Travel is subject to Visa approval (for non-Nigerian passport holders)
  • Passport must have 6 months remaining at time of travel
  • Passport must have 2 blank pages
  • Visa must be processed via our Visa Agent
  • Visa Agent details below:

Name:  Maureen Bond

E-mail:  Maureen@demandpr.org


Criteria to Join E.A.T.O.W Delegation to Africa: 

Professional Criteria:

  • Must be a professional or freelancer based in the UK or an owner, co-founder, director, majority shareholder, or an appointed representative of a UK business or Institution.
  • Over 25 years of age (subject to E.A.T.O.W requirements).
  • Interested in exploring international markets and making international connections in Nigeria to advance business interests within the beauty, creative & lifestyle industries.
  • Available to attend the trade mission on the specified dates.
  • Able to communicate in English (the trade mission events and activities will be in English).
  • Able to cover all costs associated with participating as a delegate.
  • Willing to act as a champion and ambassador representing entrepreneurship both within the UK and abroad.
  • Willing to positively reflect the values and uphold the Code of Conduct of E.A.T.O.W, as a member of the delegation

      (see section entitled Delegate Responsibilities and Code of Conduct in our terms and conditions).

Legal Requirements:

  • Must be able to show £1500 or more in your bank account (this is a requirement for a VISA).
  • Must be legal to travel (have no travel restrictions in the UK or Africa).
  • Must possess a UK passport with 6 months remaining and two blank pages, at the time of travel.
  • You will be required to apply for a Visa to visit Nigeria for the Trade Mission if you do not have a Nigerian passport. Application must be via our Visa agent Maureen Bond. (E-mail: Maureen@demandpr.org).
  • It is possible to obtain a Visa on arrival via our independent provider.                              
  • Adhere to any government regulations/policies regarding travel and health risks.
  • Must make your own arrangements for travel insurance (E.A.T.O.W will not provide this).
  • A sponsorship confirmation letter on company headed paper (if you are being sponsored).
  • The travel agent will require a range of documents which you will be obligated to provide to them.

Medical Requirements:

  • You will be responsible for arranging medical requirements before travel (for Yellow fever and Malaria).
  • You will be responsible for any other vaccinations as specified by the government, World Health Organisation, or relevant medical adviser.
  • Must be fit for travel.
  • You must NOT travel if, at the time of the trade mission, you are symptomatic and/or diagnosed as positive for Covid-19, or suspect that you may have it. 
  • You will be required to follow all government guidelines, as they arise, in relation to Covid-19.
  • If you have any existing medical conditions it is your responsibility to take all precautions and to contact your general practitioner or relevant medical consultant, prior to travel. 
  • If you wish to make us aware of any medical conditions, please notify us in writing, on your application.

Important Note:

Before requesting an application form please check that you meet the criteria to join the E.A.T.O.W Trade Mission to Nigeria or that will you be able to meet the criteria before the date of travel.  For an application form or additional enquiries please see contact details below:


Ms L Wigley 


For Sponsorship ONLY