“It is with great pride and joy that I get to work with some of the Beauty industry’s most elite people and brands. Most of my relationships are over 15 years old – some even longer, and are still going strong.  To work with you all is making a small part of history.  Never before has it been important to stand United as it is now.  Together we will overcome and rise to every challenge. Together we will continue to celebrate.” 

Eryca Freemantle – 

E.A.T.O.W Global ICON Awards

We honour and award our distinguished guests in the business, beauty, entertainment, media and creative industry. This award is in recognition for their tireless hard work and devotion and the immense influence it has had on the sector. We serve to recognise people who have contributed to shaping a more inclusive and diverse beauty sector. Through their pioneering work, these individuals have set an iconic bar that has advanced the course of their industries.

The positive impact that their work has had on the beauty industry is a testament to their hard work and dedication. 

The award is in recognition of their nurtured talent and outstanding leadership qualities. Their desire and drive for excellence has had such beneficial results in the industry.

We wish all our ICONS many more years of continued success!


Our Advisory Board & E.A.T.O.W Team

A very special thanks to our Sponsors, Supporters and Partners. We sincerely appreciate you.