Who We Are

E.A.T.O.W is a black-led organisation dedicated to supporting women and men who want to excel in the beauty industry. We educate, inspire, celebrate, empower and coach  those who want to make a difference to their lives. We strive to ‘redefine beauty industry standards’ to embrace all tones of women. We broaden the narrative about what defines beauty and professionalism to enable beauty professionals to feel valued, beautiful, accepted and well-represented. Our Coaching is outstanding. Our Academy offers on line and face to face accredited courses for career progression in the beauty & makeup industry. Our courses are delivered by industry experts. In addition, we provide mentorship and personal development for business start-up’s. Our aim is to support growth at all stages of our clients development ranging from those who are new to the industry to those who are established professionals.

We specialise in International trade offering trade missions across the globe for business to expand in new territories. Research and development for government and private sector. Diversity & Inclusion expertise for the beauty industry and beyond. E.A.T.O.W is the UK’s leading experts in beauty business marketing and development, and supporting diversity in your business, with over 45 years knowledge combined in the industry.

Eryca Freemantle, Founder and CEO of E.A.T.O.W is in demand around the globe as one of the world’s leading beauty and makeup experts/educators. Clients include Laura Mercier, Keromask, Olympia Beauty, Unilever, and  many others. Eryca is a leading consultant for multinational brands in the UK, Africa and Europe. She has worked in Germany, Jamaica, Italy, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, France, USA, Thailand, Turkey, and Dubai. She is also a former advisory board member to the London College of Fashion, where she wrote courses on women of colour for fashion and beauty industries. Eryca sits on the board for Makeup Ghana and SWAA. She is a public speaker, wealth creator, and life coach.

E.A.T.O.W is a platform that connects to high achievers in the beauty, arts, film and entertainment industries to gain insight and knowledge to their success. E.A.T.O.W is devised to give women of colour the tools and skills they need to fully embrace their power, supercharge their careers and fulfil their potential.

The reformation of your life begins today!

E.A.T.O.W has partnered with Aahliyah Amerat to provide coaching in the beauty industry.
Aahliyah Amerat  Co-Founder & COO of E.A.T.O.W Coaching is a Beauty Funnel Expert creating funnel strategies for salon owners and beauty professionals when it wasn’t “cool”. Former make-up artist, lash and brown technician, and 2 times salon owner and trainer.

Together, they are a GLOBAL POWERHOUSE for the new age of beauty marketing and business. They come from and celebrate all tones of women and men, and encourage unity through health, wealth, and relationships.

SAFE SPACE is a FREE regular webinar series with E.A.T.O.W. founder Eryca Freemantle and industry friends.

SAFE SPACE provides and promotes self-care and mental-health stories, wellbeing, and emotional support for those first and foremost in the beauty and creative industries but welcome all from further afield.

Eryca Freemantle is a Life Coach, Mindful & Well-Being Expert, Personal Trainer, and Global Beauty Strategist.



8pm – 9PM

Our Belief System


We are a global platform and have enquiries from around the world.


Every individual who joins the E.A.T.O.W Platform will have the chance to grow to their best potential, meet new people and grasp new opportunities within their industry and our wider network.


To help individuals transform their lives and the lives of others by developing new skills, learning, earning, growing and building their future with our guidance.


Our founder’s career has allowed her to travel many continents in her role as a global beauty brand ambassador and strategist , however noticing a clear lack of confidence in the UK amongst brands who cater for women of colour  we stress women of colour and diverse groups  contribute both fiscally and visually to the beauty industry , we feel it is  important to create an infrastructure that helped these same women gain an equal standing in the boardroom.

USA & AFRICA have been pivotal in leading major positive changes in the way black  and ethnic products are manufactured and marketed, diversity programs in America have positioned many black women executives in leadership roles, these same women are reframing the dialogue around beauty and position as stakeholders in the industry. Europe has a growing black and ethnic population, but less of an evolved cultural affinity with the fundamental changes which have led to the American progress in consumer products which face the women of colour. Having produced four successful events E.A.T.O.W via BEAUTIFUL ME series- we address the imbalance, by igniting an international sisterhood and inviting the US and African sisters to the UK.

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E.A.T.O.W Consultancy

E.A.T.O.W Consultancy was created for those who find themselves on a beauty Industry ferris wheel. If you need guidance and support to grow your brand or business, E.A.T.O.W is the voice you need on your team. We offer advice and expertise to organisations and individuals to help improve performance in all areas including operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Our aim is to improve your grasp of what’s coming next for you Brand or Business. You will gain a better understanding of where you are going in your new or existing business. We place particular emphasis on small business owners in the beauty industries including makeup, nails, skincare etc.  We will complete a 360 degree analysis of the Business or Brand.  Many beauty industry professionals  do not realise their business carries a tone or a culture which places limitation on potential for success. E.A.T.O.W Consultancy is here to upscale what you have and introduce you to new concepts.

We work alongside industry investors, leadership strategists and venture capitalists  –  if your business is ready for them, we will make the necessary introductions for no extra charge.

A Special Thank You To All Our Sponsors, Supporters & Partners!